Отзывы наших студентов

Амин Фаталиев, закончил Oxford College в 2016 году.

Поступил в Royal Holloway University. 

Амин учился в Англии в течение 3 лет: один год в частной школе-пансионе St.BEDES School по программе GCSE и затем перешел в Oxford College для целенаправленной подготовки к поступлению в Университет по программе A-Level.

St  Bedes School
Really enjoyed studying there, especially due to teachers, all of them are wonderfull. They will teach you and then go involve in activities with you, like I really appreciated  having my english teacher as my football coach, or one of members of my house to go do mountain biking with me, wonderfull place to be, lots of things to do, staff will make sure you engage in co-curricular activities, so you actually never get bored.

Oxford International College 
College is more serious and I would say less fun, in a way that you have to find yourself what to do, so is more mature approach to students and leaving most things up to them(hands off approach), like picking your council and then addresing all questions to them, so everything gets done through students. Is completely different culture to what I have seen in boarding school.

Ольга Постникова закончила St. BEDES School в 2016 году.

Поступила в University of Bath. 

Училась в Англии в течение 2 лет по программе A-Level, закончив школу с отличием.